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Feature_Pages > Pets at Maes y Bryn Campsite, Llanrwst, Conwy, North Wales

Pets at Maes y Bryn Campsite, Llanrwst, Conwy, North Wales

The pets at Maes y Bryn love all the attention showered on them from the visitors that come to North Wales.

Children are allowed to help let the animals out at 8.30am and also can feed them. Chicken and sheep feed are available to purchase in reception at Maes y Bryn Campsite in the hills above the market town of Llanrwst in Conwy North Wales


Ela..the red sheepdog is 11 years old and celebrates her birthday on the 6th November and she is a firm favourite with the youngsters as she loves playing football and is known to tire the children before she gives up playing. This year she had a major operation that nearly cost her life, so football is limited.

Mia the cat

Mia the cat is named because when you listen closely she cannot 'miaow' properly. She is convinced she is a dog and when the dogs are walked Mia will follow as well. Mia is 7 years old and was born on the 16th April.


Nel is seven years old and her birthday is on the 5th June. She is the daughter of Ela and just lives for attention however she cannot see the point in chasing a ball when she can just have the attention.

Ducks at Maes y Bryn

These love the river and can be seen swimming down the stream past the campsite.

Esme the pet sheep

A firm favourite with the younger visitors as she will eat special sheep food from the hand. Esme was one of triplets but was very ill on her birth so her mother couldn't look after her so I bottle fed her a few drops of milk every hour. This went on for two weeks when suddenly Esme turned a corner and has never looked back. Due to this she is very tame.

The Chickens

There are many and of different ages. You may see one brown chicken who despite having a massive field at the back to play in prefers instead to peck away in the gardens on the campsite.