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Safety Tips for caravans and tents


Find out what the fire fighting arrangements on the camp sites are.

Make sure there is either a water or dry powder extinguisher located inside the caravan near door. Keep a torch handy for emergencies.

DO NOT use candles.


Tents made from traditional materials (such as cotton canvas) are still available, these are easily set alight. Nylon tentage fabric usually has a lower flammability. Materials are sometimes specially treated to make them more resistant to ignition but often this treatment is not durable as it can be leached-out by exposure to water.

Allow at least 6 metre spacing between tents.
NEVER use candles in or near a tent - use a torch.
Discourage smoking especially in smaller tents.
Flammable liquids and LPG cylinders should be kept outside the tent if possible.
Cooking and lighting appliances should not be used in smaller tents. When used in family size/larger tents they must be:

Positioned well away from wall and roof surfaces and other combustibles:

Out of draughts:

Where they cannot be knocked over.

Oil burning appliances are not recommended and should be avoided.


Keep cylinders outside the caravan unless a special ventilated compartment is provided inside.
Always change cylinders in the open air, away from ignition sources.
Before going to bed or leaving the caravan for some time turn off all appliances.


Turn off all appliances.
Do not smoke.
Ventilate by opening doors and windows.
Use soapy water and watch for bubbles to detect the leak.
Never use a naked flame.

Adequate ventilation is often overlooked. Oil and gas appliances burn oxygen and in some cases carbon monoxide can be produced in lethal quantities.

Do not block up air vents to keep out the cold or draughts-it could prove fatal.

Fixed appliances should be connected by fixed metal pipe work and the flexible piping used to connect the cylinder must only be tubing especially designed for use with bottled gas.


Ensure electrical wiring is regularly maintained and appliances are in good order.
Where a caravan is connected to the mains supply there may be the added hazard of electric shock particularly if the cravan is of metal construction.
Do not use multi plug adaptors.
Use correctly rated fuses.
NEVER run appliances off a light socket.
Keep lights bulbs away from combustible materials.
If possible switch off and unplug appliances before going to bed or if leaving the caravan for some time.
Do not use portable heaters.


Only one vehicle should be parked between the adjoining caravans.
For your safety and the safety of others install a SMOKE DETECTOR.
Take care when cooking - do not leave fat pans unattended.
Children should not be left alone in a caravan.
If you smoke:

Use metal ashtrays
Don't smoke in bed.

Information supplied by North Wales Fire Service.

website link

Leaflets available from reception.


It is the owners responsibility to ensure that their caravan complies with all relevant Health and Safety rules and regulations.